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SAilaja MEnon

Sailaja is an American trained Counseling Psychologist, with over 25 years of clinical experience in the field of Mental Health, Counseling, training, teaching and Supervision. Sailaja has worked in Public and Private mental health settings as a Psychologist in the US, India, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia.. Sailaja completed her Post Masters training in Multicultural Counseling from the world renowned and prestigious Johns Hopkins University in the United States and following on served as a Faculty Associate in the Graduate School of Counseling at Johns Hopkins for 7 years. She also has a Masters in Psycholgy fro m Radford University, USA. She speaks Fluent English, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi

Sailaja is a firm believer that in therapy what a client requires is not necessarily a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens. This principle navigates her sessions on the foundations of compassion, empathy, commitment, mindfulness and sensitivity that provides her clients to overcome life struggles and learn ways to become self-sufficient and achieve their full potential

Sailaja has extensive experience working with a broad range of mental health issues related to individuals, couples and families 

·   With Couples, Sailaja works on - relationship issues, breakdown in communication, trust and confidence, loneliness and sadness, inability to adjust to a marital life conflicts with extended families, infidelity, addictions, anger management and abuse.
·   With Individuals, Sailaja works on depression, anxiety, personality issues, anger management, stress management, and issues related to adjustment and acculturation in new surroundings, relationship issues , workplace conflicts ,loss of identity and grief and loss
·   With Families, Sailaja works on issues related to intergenerational issues, parenting, conflict management, grief and loss, stress management, abusive and dysfunctional family functioning

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