Frequently asked questions

Which are the insurance cards that are accepted in LifeWorks?

  • Nextcare
  • NAS
  • Neuron(SAADA,Aetna,Cigna)
  • Oman-Bupa
  • Metlife
  • Al Buhairah
  • Al Madallah

Does LifeWorks cover all the network of the companies mentioned above?

  • No. Every insurance card will have a ‘network’ which is generally mentioned on the card. Below are the networks which are accepted at LifeWorks.
    • Nextcare: GN, GN+
    • NAS: EN, CN, GN
    • Neuron: GN, GN+, Comprehensive, Advantage plus
    • Oman : Premium, Comprehensive +
    • Metlife : VIP and Gold
    • AlBuhairah : Comprehensive, Comprehensive+
    • AlMadallah : GN, GN+
    • SAICO : Gold, Amber, Bronze

How will I know if my network is accepted at Lifeworks?

  • Please present your card at the reception or at the time of booking the appointment. They can guide you about the network acceptance.
  • We recommend you to check your Insurance coverage before booking an booking an appointment

Do I get insurance coverage if I have card with network accepted by LifeWorks? How do I know my eligibility?

  • It depends upon your insurance policy. If you have a card with insurance and network accepted by LifeWorks then we can check eligibility. Please note, it may take up to 30minutes to provide these details.

What if I have an insurance card which is not acceptable in LifeWorks?

  • You can check the eligibility by calling the insurance company (Member Benefits and Annual limits are disclosed only to the member). The contact details are usually provided on backside of the card. If insurance company confirms that you have coverage, our clinician can provide you reimbursement form. This means you need to pay at LifeWorks and claim it back from insurance company using the reimbursement form.

What is referral? I want to use my card for psychotherapy sessions as my insurance company told that I have the coverage. Why am I being asked to see Psychiatrist?

  • While you may have coverage, the Psychiatrist has to do an initial assessment and provide his/her recommendation if you need to see a psychologist. The initial consultation has to be done by Psychiatrist either at LifeWorks or from another clinic / hospital.

How many psychotherapy sessions can be availed in a week?

  • While there is no specific number, it is recommended to keep a gap of 4 days between 2 sessions. Also it is not recommended to do a session more than 60minutes at a time.

If my therapist recommends 12 sessions, can I avail all those sessions under insurance?

  • The coverage varies from policy to policy. For direct billing cases, LifeWorks will take approval for each session. For reimbursement cases you have to contact your insurance provider for more information.

I have coverage but my reimbursement was rejected saying ‘diagnosis not covered’. How can I get reimbursement? Will you be able to tell which diagnosis is covered?

  • The approval of a claim is at discretion of Insurance provider. LifeWorks can’t provide or confirm which diagnosis is covered. Also it is unethical to ask for reimbursement under different diagnosis.

After my first session, I have realised that my insurance is covered under direct billing. Can I get refund for previously paid sessions?

  • No. Direct billing is possible only for future sessions, as it requires prior approval from Insurance. For past sessions, if your insurance provider can reimburse, you can ask for reimbursement form from front desk.

Why am I being asked to provide insurance card on every visit?

  • Please note it is part of compliance procedure to verify your card on every visit. This will also help us to know if there is any change in your insurance provider or plan.

What happens if my insurance rejects the claim, which was sent for approval before/after the session?

  • Rejection of claims could be on different reasons. Lifeworks will ensure to inform you about the reason of rejection and thereafter it is your responsibility to settle the consultation fee for the respected sessions as per the Clinic’s applicable rates

Can you check my Insurance details by using my Emirates ID?

  • Yes. We can check the Insurance details provided you link the EID to the Insurance card

If you have any other questions that are not covered in this document, please ask front desk for insurance coordinator. We will be happy clarifying your queries.