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• Mood Disorder

• Grief ( Death, Mourning, Separation )

• Work related stress / problems with colleagues


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Dr. Hana Al Geilani

Specialist Psychiatrist

After graduating from Liverpool University in the UK, Dr. Hana Al Geilani worked in psychiatry, medicine, surgery, general practice and emergency medicine. Following this she got accepted into a specialist psychiatry training scheme at London University. During this time, she worked in forensic psychiatry, acute admission wards, crisis resolution, older age psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry. She also became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists by passing her membership exams.

She worked as a specialist psychiatrist in London, UK and Muscat, Oman and as a senior specialist psychiatrist in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has an extensive interest in teaching and puts great importance on communication in patient care and has diplomas in these areas.

She was involved in teaching psychiatry to undergraduate medical students from Oxford and Cambridge universities in the U.K. She was also involved in clinical teaching of psychiatry interns from Imperial college, U.K.


  • Conducting extensive diagnostic interviews and treating a range of psychiatric conditions

  • Schizophrenia/psychosis

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Major Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders (Phobias, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Acute and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Dissociative Disorders

  • Personality Disorders

  • Somatoform Disorders

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Sexual Dysfunctions

  • Eating Disorders

  • Childhood-onset Disorders (ADHD, Learning Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Autism, Enuresis, Tic Disorders)

  • Cognitive Disorders (Dementia, Delirium)

  • Psychotherapeutic approach to conditions such as mild to moderate depression and anxiety, phobias, obsessions, grief, relationship issues, adjustment problems etc.

  • Anger management, behavioral approaches to manage stress, relaxation training.

  • Pharmacological management of psychiatric conditions in children/adolescents, adults and the elderly.


  • MRCPsych (member of the royal college of psychiatrists), Imperial College, London, U.K.

  • MBChB (Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery) from Liverpool university, United Kingdom.

  • Diploma in communication skills from Stonebridge University, United Kingdom

  • Diploma in teaching from Stonebridge University, United Kingdom