Employee wellness

Date : March 23rd

engagement program

Cayte Mocadam

Motivational speaker

Emotional Wellness Expert


10:00 to 10:10am

  • Knowing each other

  • Purpose and expectations of the session

10:10 to 10:55am

  • Introduction to Emotional Wellbeing

  • Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Tools to gain back emotional wellbeing into your own hands

  • Team building activity

  • Fun group activity

  • Group meditation

  • Private chat to ask questions confidentially

10:55 to 11:00am

  • Q &A


What you get

  • Working with synergy

  • Feeling energized

  • Transformational self

  • Getting to core of cell

  • Experience the inner glow

  • Rejuvenation

  • Tools & tips to release emotional tension

  • Clearance of unwanted emotions

  • Stability of thoughts & happiness

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